Free Screening of Urban Roots and Sacred Village Skill Share

Come join us THIS Sat 3/1 at the Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab

for a FREE screening of “Urban Roots” at 2pm and Sacred Village Skill Share starting around 430pm

Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab

4445 South King Drive, 2nd Floor

(Side Entrance on North Parking Lot)

Chicago, Illinois 60653

773.891.1967 or 312.869.9546

ONE EARTH FILM FESTIVAL & Sacred Keepers Present

Urban Roots Documentary & Film Discussion
Saturday, March 1st, 2pm

Following the Film: Sacred Village Skill Share at 4:3opm

Whether you have skills to share or want to learn something new, you are invited to the Sacred Village Skill Share following the film. Along with the Chicago Time Exchange, we will open the village to a variety of skills rooted in our community of guests. Participants will have the opportunity to join our circle to offer and receive in this sacred economy.

Wondering if you have anything to share?? Well it’s a POTLUCK, so start there with a delicious and healthy (if possible) dish!

Here are some details to help you discover your personal wealth:

Cost: You and some friends (aka Free!)
Bring: BYO non-alcoholic drinks and yummy food to share!
Come ready to Share around these topics:
1) FOOD! (growing, preparing, eating, throwing)
2) Healing
3) Stories
4) Art
5) Music
6) Saving humanity

Some of our friends will there to kick off the fun with their magic powers, we’ll let you fill in the rest. Read your freshest poetry! Sing your newest song! Teach us how to tie knots! Share your skills in tarot or astrology! The possibilities are ENDLESS…

You are GUARANTEED to meet one new interesting person, learn one new thing and laugh at least one time, open-mouthed with astonishment and delight.

Questions? Inspirations? Want to help out and get time credits on the Chicago Time Exchange?

Contact Seneca:

Please RSVP NOW on our facebook invite and share with friends!
Sacred Keepers is a Chicago-based non-profit dedicated to teaching youth to inherit the earth through environmental STEM education, sustainable service learning initiatives and youth-driven social philanthropy.
The Chicago Time Exchange is working to strengthen and build existing community and organization networks through the power of time banking! Come learn, share and experience the benefits of alternative local economies with us!

Fight the polar vortex and winter blues with HYGGE!!


On the saddest day of the year, Links Hall and the Chicago Time Exchange will bring the happy back with a Happy Happy HYGGE Party!!

Friday, January 31

7 pm- midnight:)

Links Hall, 3111 N. Western Ave

Free! (like the love in your heart:)

Community + Potluck + Talent show/Skillshare + little twinkling lights = HYGGE! (say hyoo-gah)

7-8pm:  Open mic sign up, potluck, skill share tables rocking it.

8pm on: 2 or 3 open mic sets (45 min each) with time in between to eat, drink, meet friends old and new, play chess, sew things, program music boxes with paper scores and do acro-yoga if we’re lucky:)

The six things that make us happiest:

1)      Intimacy/making love

2)      Sports/running/exercise

3)      Theatre/dance/concert

4)      Singing/performing

5)      Exhibition/museum/library

6)      Hobbies/arts/crafts

Come share what you’ve got for #2-6.

(You are on your own for #1 but who knows, you may meet a friend:)

Read your freshest poetry! Sing your newest song!  Teach us how to tie knots! Share your skills in tarot or astrology!  The possibilities are ENDLESS… and you are GUARANTEED to meet one new interesting person, learn one new thing and laugh at least one time, open-mouthed with astonishment and delight.

Questions? Inspirations?  What to help out and get time credits on the Chicago Time Exchange? Contact Lara: laraoppenheimer (at)

CTX Member Julia Antonick presents “cresset: vibrant, rusting”


One of the CTX’s most active members, choreographer Julia Rae Antonick and Khecari Dance presents “cresset: vibrant, rusting”, a new contemporary dance work exploring meticulous movement embedded in a land of decay’s fruition. 

CTX members, Julia is offering 5 tickets to the December 6th show in exchange for time credits!  Check out her offer here!!!

Khecari invites you to enter into a world of magnetic viscera and dislodged niches holding performers whose movements grasp at vitality in the midst of cycles of lethargy and mania, departmentalization and yearning and ultimately an energetic outpouring in the face of inevitability. 

Antonick collides Balinese and contemporary dance to explore repetition and filigree, and uses the environmental confines to develop a unique new movement vocabulary derived from improvisations of composted life and the fortification of newness accompanied by an original score from Joe St. Charles using reel to reel and percussion. Lighting and construction design by Jonathan Meyer and performed by Maggie Koller, Danielle Hammer, Jordan Reinwald with Joan Chih Hsien Lin, Amanda Timm and Angelica Palomo. Costumes by Jessie and Julia Antonick.

November 22nd, 30th
December 6th, 13th & 14th
at Revere – 2509 W. Irving Park

8pm – doors open at 7:15pm
(no late seating)

$25 General Admission
$15 Low-Income


Open Admin Meeting: Wednesday, November 13

You are hereby invited to the first bi-weekly Chicago TimeExchange open administrative meeting. (From now on, these working meetings will happen every other Wednesday at the same location.)

When + where
This Wednesday, November 13
6-8pm (we will start on time!)
The Civic Lab
114 N. Aberdeen
What to expect on the agenda:
  • Brief history of the Chicago Time Exchange
  • CTX mission statement (work in progress!)
  • Inspiring models: BACECatarseSwarmWise, working for the MAN
  • Collaborative brainstorming of possible/real needs for administrating the growing CTX network
  • Working groups based on each of our offers to meet different categories of needs (e.g. outreach/hosting, structure/roles, software + other tech)
Come on down if you…
  • Have questions about the CTX
  • Are an active member of the CTX and would like to help grow the network by hosting, managing, consulting, or otherwise working for the CTX
  • Are part of an organization or project that would like to collaborate with the CTX
  • Have already created tools that would benefit the CTX (resource maps, organizing toolkits, cooperative/nonprofit bylaws)
  • Are a skilled organizer and want to earn time dollars!
  • Want to have input on how to structure / run a timebank
  • Have the time!
Before you come, please…
  • Think about your gifts within the context of the CTX
  • Sign up on the CTX (above!) if you haven’t already
  • Prepare your tools!
  • Make a snack to bring and share
All participants will be paid in time dollars by the CTX’s organizational account. Please invite anybody you know who would like to put their skills to work at the CTX.
We look forward to seeing you! Best wishes,
Isaac, Jami, and Lara

Wine/Time tonight: MAP JAM

TONIGHT! 7-9pm at Link’s Hall / Constellation, 3111 N. Western Ave…

As a part of the New Economics Institute’s New Economies Week, we will be hosting a jam session to document as many examples of the sharing economy in Chicago as we can collectively muster. So as not to re-invent the wheel, we will be adding to the existing Chicago Solidarity Economy map on Google Maps, and referring to Accelerate 77’s map and others for further inspiration.

The next step will be a discussion about the challenges and strengths that come along with Chicago’s sprawling, character-driven geography. We will break into circles of geographic proximity as well as circles of mutual interest. What can we do to transform the Windy City’s energy of HUSTLE into collaboration and collective benefit regarding…

– Transportation?
– Food?
– Housing?
– Healthcare?

Following in the spirit of Mike’s incredible gumbo last week, there will be food!

Check out / share the facebook event!

Creative Economy Mini-conference, Stephanie Rearick, and Trade School Evanson Launch Party

There are so many exciting Chicago Time Exchange events this Friday, September 20th!

First, from 1-6 pm there’s a skill share and mini-conference potluck.  People are sharing their creative skills from 1-3.  Some people have signed up, but we need more.  Please email Jami at if you’d like to share!

Stephanie Rearick, a fantastic musician and the Director of the Dane County TimeBank in Madison, Wisconsin, will be facilitating a discussion about Creative Economies from 3-4:30pm.  Afterwards, we’ll break bread together!  Bring food and drink to share!  More information is on the Facebook event.

Later that evening at Trade School Evantson, The Chicago Time Exchange is launching it’s collaboration with Trade School Evanston.  To celebrate, Stephanie Rearick will be performing along with others.  Feel free to bring food and music to share!  More information is on the Facebook event.

As always, people who who plan, set up, help out, and skill share will earn Time Dollars.

Exchange in Review: Gentle Yoga Class with Julia

I make a lot of jokes. Mostly awful, unprofessional, inappropriate jokes and usually in serious situations with people I barely know. Bad jokes are to Jami as beouf bourgiounon is to Julia Child. It’s science!

One joke I often make about The Chicago Time Exchange is that there is never a shortage of yoga instructors and lessons. We’re like a guy standing in an alley in a black trench coat dealing out yoga on the black market.

Like all classically excellent jokes, this one has a lot of truth. One of the many benefits I’ve reaped as a coordinator of The Chicago Time Exchange is that I will probably never have to pay money for a yoga class as long as I live.  If I do it right, my grandchildren will not have to pay for yoga classes.  If i’m really on top of it, no one’s grandchildren will have to pay for yoga because people will recognize it as a necessary public health practice instead of a luxury.

Like many abundant resources in our society, I have been trained to believe I have little need for it anymore. I have my own yoga practice at home and am 150% over most Western yoga courses that focus more on getting a good workout than the meditative aspects of yoga. Also, as a scholar of Sanskrit (read: hack), the use of not understood Sanskrit slokas and mantras before and after class perplex me at best and irritate me at worst.

But, the purpose of abundance-based economies reminds us that even though something is abundant, doesn’t mean it is no longer valuable.

Julie and I have been emailing back and forth as she had been providing support for my meditation practice. So when she posted an offer for a Gentle Yoga class I jumped at the chance to have a non-aerobic yoga class to enrich my meditative practice with someone I trust and to meet a person I had only met online.

While I am prone to hyperbole (see bad jokes above), this was the most excellent yoga class I’d ever taken. Julia is a master instructor, adapting her class to the students’ needs, keeping her finger on the pulse of her students needs.  This class was exactly everything I needed at that moment (disclosure: Needs may vary.  Sometimes you just need a hot dog.  This class will not fulfill that need.).

Imagine that there’s a time in your day where you can just relax in a way that feels best for your body.  I’m sure most people will understand that sentence and know what it means to relax, but really how often do we take time to move and rest and relax in a way that FEELS best for our body?  Probably only while yawning when you do those weird involuntary movements and make crazy faces.  Or before we sleep MAYBE (unless you’re like me and you fall asleep nightly atop empty malt liquor bottles and half-burnt cigarettes).

It’s really a foreign concept.  We do things because we are being told to do them, because we should do them, because people are watching.  Doing something because it feels good to our actual body is seen as such an indulgent luxury in our society.  We do plenty that we’re told is supposed to feel good such as strenuous exercise for long periods of time, eating kale, etc. (and sometimes it does feel good).  We do plenty of what we think feels good drinking and staying out late (and that’s a high-stakes hit or miss).

Julia’s class was like a bit, fat body yawn.  Her guiding principal was to do what feels best.  And honestly, I’m out of practice.  Yoga classes are so often associated with aerobic exercise which is so often associated with self-flagellation.  It’s hard to think of it as anything else.

Julia’s class was a revolutionary reminder to take time to trust my body’s intuition about what it needs to be healthy and to feel good.

Artist Really, Really Free Market and Links Hall Partnership

I’m writing this from our first Links Hall/Constellation wine/time event. We’ve seen a lady in a fancy red dress with a mustache and a man in a slick, shiny shirt with a face tattoo. It has been excellent.

This Saturday, August 10th at Links Hall at 3111 North Western Avenue from 1-5pm there will be the Artist Really, Really Free Market/The CTX & Links Hall Partnership introduction. This was previously marketed as a champagne brunch, but we are actually not allowed to have alcohol because they sell alcohol after 5 at Constellation. So it’s a brunch with booze afterwards. I can’t imagine anything better!

Artists and others are invited to bring art supplies, costumes, and other intriguing items that might be of interest to artists and any other person! Be prepared to take the supplies and things that others bring. Bring potluck food to share!

Remember: every Wednesday we will be visiting Constellation (3111 North Western Avenue) for wine/time (wine and sharing). Come meet me and Lara! Come fill out your profile! Come drink lovely drinks!


Links Hall and the Chicago Time Exchange

Great news for the Chicago Time Exchange!

We are working with Links Hall, a non-profit arts organization that encourages artistic innovation and public engagement by maintaining a facility and providing flexible programming for the research, development, and presentation of new work in the performing arts.


Links Hall is a member of the Chicago Time Exchange and will be releasing the information about their co-op membership process and the role that the Chicago Time Exchange will play in that process at our information potluck meeting on Sunday, July 28th at 11:00am at Links Hall at 3111 North Western.  Please RSVP to

Welcome to The Chicago Time Exchange, Links Hall!