Open Admin Meeting: Wednesday, November 13

You are hereby invited to the first bi-weekly Chicago TimeExchange open administrative meeting. (From now on, these working meetings will happen every other Wednesday at the same location.)

When + where
This Wednesday, November 13
6-8pm (we will start on time!)
The Civic Lab
114 N. Aberdeen
What to expect on the agenda:
  • Brief history of the Chicago Time Exchange
  • CTX mission statement (work in progress!)
  • Inspiring models: BACECatarseSwarmWise, working for the MAN
  • Collaborative brainstorming of possible/real needs for administrating the growing CTX network
  • Working groups based on each of our offers to meet different categories of needs (e.g. outreach/hosting, structure/roles, software + other tech)
Come on down if you…
  • Have questions about the CTX
  • Are an active member of the CTX and would like to help grow the network by hosting, managing, consulting, or otherwise working for the CTX
  • Are part of an organization or project that would like to collaborate with the CTX
  • Have already created tools that would benefit the CTX (resource maps, organizing toolkits, cooperative/nonprofit bylaws)
  • Are a skilled organizer and want to earn time dollars!
  • Want to have input on how to structure / run a timebank
  • Have the time!
Before you come, please…
  • Think about your gifts within the context of the CTX
  • Sign up on the CTX (above!) if you haven’t already
  • Prepare your tools!
  • Make a snack to bring and share
All participants will be paid in time dollars by the CTX’s organizational account. Please invite anybody you know who would like to put their skills to work at the CTX.
We look forward to seeing you! Best wishes,
Isaac, Jami, and Lara

Wine/Time tonight: MAP JAM

TONIGHT! 7-9pm at Link’s Hall / Constellation, 3111 N. Western Ave…

As a part of the New Economics Institute’s New Economies Week, we will be hosting a jam session to document as many examples of the sharing economy in Chicago as we can collectively muster. So as not to re-invent the wheel, we will be adding to the existing Chicago Solidarity Economy map on Google Maps, and referring to Accelerate 77’s map and others for further inspiration.

The next step will be a discussion about the challenges and strengths that come along with Chicago’s sprawling, character-driven geography. We will break into circles of geographic proximity as well as circles of mutual interest. What can we do to transform the Windy City’s energy of HUSTLE into collaboration and collective benefit regarding…

– Transportation?
– Food?
– Housing?
– Healthcare?

Following in the spirit of Mike’s incredible gumbo last week, there will be food!

Check out / share the facebook event!