Artist Really, Really Free Market and Links Hall Partnership

I’m writing this from our first Links Hall/Constellation wine/time event. We’ve seen a lady in a fancy red dress with a mustache and a man in a slick, shiny shirt with a face tattoo. It has been excellent.

This Saturday, August 10th at Links Hall at 3111 North Western Avenue from 1-5pm there will be the Artist Really, Really Free Market/The CTX & Links Hall Partnership introduction. This was previously marketed as a champagne brunch, but we are actually not allowed to have alcohol because they sell alcohol after 5 at Constellation. So it’s a brunch with booze afterwards. I can’t imagine anything better!

Artists and others are invited to bring art supplies, costumes, and other intriguing items that might be of interest to artists and any other person! Be prepared to take the supplies and things that others bring. Bring potluck food to share!

Remember: every Wednesday we will be visiting Constellation (3111 North Western Avenue) for wine/time (wine and sharing). Come meet me and Lara! Come fill out your profile! Come drink lovely drinks!



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