Kimberly Lightford Saturday University: Huge Success!

The Pre-Assessment day for the Kimberly Lightford Saturday University was a huge success!  We assessed 64 students total.  I think the students had a great time, much to their surprise.  I walked a few students back to the testing area and as they saw the beautiful site their demeanor changed from upset that their mom was taking them to school on a Saturday to intrigued.  They said, “Wait…is this going to be fun?!?!”

Yes, it was.

The library: While walking by, one kid said, “I want to just stay in this room.”

One-on-one instruction area

computer lab!

The Answer Inc. at work with the kids

lunch room

Again, huge props to Senator Lightford, her team, and her family who put so much time, talent and resources into this beautiful space.  Further, a big thanks to Principal Lang and Dean McKennie whose expertise and demeanor helped yesterday run perfectly.


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